Transform your cell behavior to achieve more youthful looking skin by protecting your DNA and controlling your cell renewal factor. These are the strongest of our skin fit mixers and work best when mixed in our AHA Apricot + Mango cleanser or one of the 3 Vegan moisturizers.


  • Type of Ingredient: Ester
  • Main benefits: Can improve appearance of aged and fragile skin. Widely used as add-on ingredient in skin-lightening products to correct hyperpigmentation and age spots. Antioxidant effect can be increased by combining L-ascorbic acid with L-ascorbyl palmitate and/or vitamin E
  • Who should use it: Everyone starting in their mid-20s with the exception of women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • How often can you use it: Nightly in one product, once your skin has acclimated to the ingredient.
  • Works well with: Always pair vitamin E for best results.

Vitamin C Mixer