Improve your cellular energy production by igniting your cells to block oxidation reactions which reduce the skin's ability to retain optimal collagen + elastin levels. It is important to address cell disorganization as it can also lead to chronic inflammation and dehydration.


  • Type of ingredient: Oil
  • Main benefits: Great with two drops added to your cleansing agent: rich in linolenic acid, it unclogs pores and removes excess sebum. Just need the Anti-inflammatory properties Kalahari has the combination of vitamins A, C and E and can be added to your daily moisturizer or mask.
  • Who should use it: Beneficial for all skin types.
  • How often can you use it? It's safe to use twice a day, morning and night.
  • Works well with: Can be used with most products and ingredients.
  • Don't use with: Clients who are pregnant or nursing.

Kalahari Melon Mixer