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Why we love hibiscus and you should too!

Are you struggling with dry, aging and dull skin? Have you been using a moisturizer and still not getting the results you are wanting? Why not try me thing new that's been proven to work? Our AKTIV Botanical Hibiscus Antioxidant Cream has become one of our best sellers that clients can't go without. So why do you need this in your skin care routine and what's all the hype about?

For one is has the powerful and beautiful Hibiscus extract in it! This flower has been known to be called the 'Botox Plant' and if that's not enticing I don't know what is. So what are the benefits to have such a nickname?


Hibiscus can naturally increase the skins elasticity and goes against the aging process and helps tighten and lift the skin. This flower isn't just amazing to look at but its an amazing ingredient in your skin care.


One other great thing its for is Hyperpigmentation, yes I'm talking about those pesky dark spots start showing up years later making you regret sunbathing.


Hibiscus is so powerful it actually acts as an exfoliant because of is organic acids it holds, Citric acid and Malic acid. Having these acids will help with your cell turn over rate and leave your skin looks brighter and more even.

Our cream is also packed full of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Omegas are truly benefital to the skin. With the Hibiscus already helping out with smoothing the appearance of the skin the Omega will help boost the texture and appearance too. They will also help with hydrating the skin without it feeling heavy or greasy. People who are also dealing with dehydration and flaky skin will definitely benefit from the omegas. These two Omegas have a natural liking for the skin and when they are paired with the right ingredients they will do wonders.


This weekend we are offering 10% off our AKTIV Hibiscus Antioxidant Cream and 20% off for members! We love using this product in our services that you can Book online! Just go to and click book online! Or stop by our Downtown Store in Staunton and pick yours up today!

****offer valid Thursday August 15th - Saturday August 17th****

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