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Why is fragrance free so important?

Have you ever taken a look at your product labels? Take a quick peak, do they include fragrance?

Did you know companies can hide chemicals under the word "fragrance?" Fragrance is the leading cause for irritation, redness, and breakouts. It can also cause your skin to become more sensitive over time. It's important to always check your labels before you purchase a product, even when you're looking for makeup.

So how do you transition to fragrance free products?

This process is important! You always want to start with your core products, this will include your cleanser, toner, moisturizer and exfoliant/mask. If you are using makeup, then the first product you should switch over should be any face products such as foundation. It's important to give your skin time to heal from fragrance use, so looking into skincare that is geared towards sensitive skin is a great start! After you begin transitioning your core products then you can look into fragrance free retinols and serum

Looking to purchase AKTIV skincare?

AKTIV skincare is completely fragrance free and is paraben free as well! You can purchase your products through You can also come in on Saturdays to purchase products and get product recommendations for your skin type!


Come visit us on Wednesdays 9am-5pm at North Augusta Street to pick up your products!

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