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When Acne Takes It Too Far....

We all hear the term acne and know that it is that pesky disorder that seems to always pop up exactly when you don't want it too.... Why is that? Here are some common questions we see as estheticians here at Ali&Co:

  1. Why does acne feel like it is deep under the skin sometimes?

  2. What am I doing wrong that keeps it coming back?

Let's start the conversation by explaining there are four grades of acne.

Grade 1- mild, mostly whiteheads and blackheads, with some papules and pustules

Grade 2- moderate or pustular acne, multiple papules and pustules, mostly on face

(Grades 1+2 can be fought off with simple skincare routines that are balanced and include gentle exfoliation with inflammation fighters. This month on Thursdays get the Blemish Control Exfoliating Mask for $25)

Grade 3- moderately severe, numerous papules and pustules, along with inflamed nodules, back and chest may be affected.

Grade 4- severe nodulocystic acne, numerous large, inflamed pustules and nodules. These feel deep under the skin and are hardest to treat.

Each grade will need a different approach to skincare and treatments. You may see your skin improving to a lower grade and this means your routine should change up too! Our estheticians will tell you the grade of acne you are suffering with, suggest tips to reduce, and encourage a strong routine to fight and defend against new breakouts.

TOP TIP: DON'T POP YOUR PIMPLES! Simply this spreads bacteria and could encourage new breakouts. Treat with our Blemish Control Mask instead and watch your grade 1 +2 acne clear right up!

Understanding the grades help to answer our most common questions and keep you from letting your acne take it too far.

Let Ali&Co Help! Check this out......

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Bonus: Here are some more helpful tips to clear up your acne!

  • Pressure or friction from rubbing or touching the face, phone use, or wearing hats can contribute to acne breakouts.

  • Make sure your pillow cases are clean. Dirty pillows or makeup brushes can also transfer bacteria to the face.

  • Keeping hands and items that touch the face clean can help reduce breakouts.

  • Prolonged pressure or heat will likely cause skin problems.

  • Swelling from sweating or a moist, humid climate will close of pores rather than open them.

  • Various drugs such as steroids, birth control pills and patches, and marijuana will also affect the body and are known to irritate skin.

Want more? Come see a skin coach to learn more about your skin and get our Chai tea illuminating facial this month for $45!

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