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What is the Bestie+Me experience?

The Bestie+Me Facial experience is a mini facial service for 2! You can book with your bestie, significant other, or mom. So what else does this experience include you might ask? lets take a look...

Custom blend your own Anti-Aging mask

During this session you will get the opportunity to mix your very own anti-aging mask using vegan products. The key ingredient for this "cocktail mixer" is Vitamin A! Vitamin A is actually a retinol, and is a very strong KEY ingredient when treating aging.

Receive a Mini Facial

Not only are you learning about your skin but you get to experience a mini facial as well! Get to relax as your mask is being applied and then the greatest feeling... a hot towel over the mask! After the timer goes off, toner and a moisturizer is applied by your skin specialist to finish it off!

Get custom recommendations based on your skin type

As you wrap up this experience you will go over your charting and skin analysis with a skin specialist. During this time you will be given recommendations on products and tips and tricks for what to do for your skin type. This will also be the time you can ask questions!

Join me on Saturdays, we still have opening's for this Month! Remember during the month of May the experience is only $40 for both of you!

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