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What does your skin routine have to do with the longevity in your Botox?

Did you know that having a full skin routine can actually make the effects of your Botox last longer? Using products in the correct way can be beneficial and work together with your Botox.

So what should your routine look like after getting Botox?

After getting Botox its important to remember that your skin needs time to heal before jumping right back into your normal skin routine. So just making sure your skin stays clean, moisturized, and that you are wearing SPF; this is the most important part. After you skin has been given time to heal then you can began to incorporate your serums, eye creams, and retinal's.

What products should you be using after your Botox?

After getting Botox it's important that you use products that will work hand in hand with the treatment.

Any products that have retinal's and AHA's will work great. Protecting your skin from environmental factors is important as well, so rain or shine always be protecting your skin with an SPF. Another way you can protect your skin from signs of aging is keeping your skin hydrated, so after you cleanse, apply your toner and then MOISTERIZE. Keeping the skin hydrated will protect the skin from forming wrinkles and fine lines.


If you want your Botox to last, stay away from Frangrance filled products! Not only can Frangrance be in your skincare but in your makeup as well so always remember to check your labels. Frangrance can cause many skin issues like sensitivity, redness, breakouts and start the early aging process.

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