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Top 3 reasons why you should attend the Inflammation Rehab class!

Inflammation can be a hard condition to treat! Especially since the weather is ALWAYS changing during the spring season. Without treatment, inflammation can cause other problems down the line including breakouts, early aging and extreme sensitivity. Its best to tackle inflammation as soon as it appears! If you like learning and want hands on experience using AKTIV products, then this class is perfect for you and here's why...

You get custom recommendations!

During this class you have the opportunity to get custom recommendations based on your skin type! You get the chance to have one on one time with a skin coach to talk about all your skin concerns and needs. Whether you're struggling with breakouts, dry or oily skin and even aging, we have a solution for you!

Custom blend your own mask

During the class we will create a custom blended mask catered towards inflamed skin! We will be using AKTIV products including the Lavender + Aloe Hydrocalm mask and 3 AKTIV mixers. During the masking process we will discuss the key ingredients and why they are beneficial when treating inflammation! You get to mix the mask yourself and get to take home some of your custom blended mask.

Learn and ask questions!

Here at Ali&Co education is important and we love being able to teach others! Inflammation is hard to tackle alone without the right knowledge, so we hope that this class will answer all of your burning questions! This class will be a safe space for learning, and we encourage lots and lots of questions!

You can book at under book a service or class. We recommend getting your family or friends together to come learn as a group!

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