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Top 2 Must Have Products for the New Year

2023 ALREADY!!! Raise your hand if 2022 felt like the longest but shortest year ever!

This year has flown by so fast! We don't want you to miss out on these two products you NEED to start 2023 off the right way!

Number 1: Hylauronic + Vitablend Dry Air Repair Serum

Now I know NYE is the time to have a lil' something to drink (maybe a bit more than a little;)) and as much fun that night is, alcohol can do a number on your skin! Alcohol is extremely dehydrating to the skin and causes a ton of inflammation, even if you can't see it!

With this serum, not only are you rehydrating the skin, but your delivering powerful vitamins and antioxidants to stop the inflammation before it even starts! Applying this before and after consumption of alcohol will drastically make a difference on how your skin looks and feels!

Number 2: Papaya + Pineapple Enzyme Mask

You, yeah... you! If your anything like 90% of America, the day after NYE is pretty rough to say the least LOL! Feeling sluggish, tired, inflamed, and pretty much dead after a fun night out? Perk up your skin with this mask!

Think of this mask as a little packman eating away all the damage you did to your skin the night before... I like to call it my hangover cure because it literally feels like a breath of life after feeling pretty much dead! This mask combats dry skin and inflammation like no other! My rosacea guys and gals... this will be your best friend! My favorite way of using this mask is to apply it before taking a nice steamy shower, leaving it on during my shower and then rinsing off with pretty cold water! This is going to make you feel reborn and your skin will feel like a newborn baby!

We hope everyone has a fantastic and safe New Years! We will see you all in 2023!!



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