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The Infamous "Reintroduction" Post

To all who are apart of Ali&Co, thank you! To all who are new here, thank you! I am so excited to see new faces and names every week! With that being said, let me reintroduce myself to all you new pretty faces!

Happy Friday yall! I thought it was the perfect time to reintroduce myself as the new year quickly approaches us! Crazy 2023 is just a little over week away!


Hi! My name is Bethesda Stewart! I am proudly the Lead Esthetician and Education Director for Ali&Co and BRSE! I love what I do and love what I stand for as well as what Ali&Co and this industry has taught me these past 2ish years!

Growing up I struggled immensely with my confidence, and if I'm being transparent, I still do and that's okay, were all human here. But one thing has made the biggest difference in my self love, my self empowerment, and my life, and that "thing" is esthetics. Esthetics to me is my safe place. It's a place for me to be in control of my thoughts and feelings and finally drown out those negative thoughts in my head. It's a place for me to practice what I preach. Its a place for me to build people up, which then gives me the strength to allow myself some grace.

As an instructor, I am so blessed to be able to have a "job" where I can share my passion and love for this industry! It is so easy for me to just "talk" about this industry and where it can take you. Yes, its "school" and there is work to be done, but its way more than that. In just a few days a week you can grow your love for yourself, each day of the week you can make someone finally feel beautiful in their own skin, its in these days of the week where you are in control of your life.

I hope to be able to spread the true meaning of this industry with as many of you as possible and share the endless possibilities that this career can have for you! Join me in the new year and lets get you ready to empower and love!

Again, thank you for your love and support and trust you have in me, there is never a day passed that it goes unnoticed

With so much love,

Bethesda <3

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