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The Benefits of a "Bacial"

We all know about facials, but did you know back facials are also a thing? Bacials are beneficial for people struggling with back acne or congestion, dry/oily skin, inflammation, and your skin's overall health. We sometimes forget that taking care of our skin is important on our entire bodies, not just our faces! And unlike the other parts of the body, your back is one place you cannot treat yourself. You'll need a second hand, and it's best that hand belongs to a professional who knows what they're doing. There are plenty of tips and tricks for home, but getting a bacial may be just what you need to kickstart healthy skin on your back.

Clears Back Acne

Bacials can help to reduce back acne by toning, exfoliating, and nourishing the skin. Back facials are an efficient way for you to get the proper exfoliation that you can't treat on your own. Exfoliation is needed to slough away dirt, oil, and corneocytes to gain brighter, healthier skin, and this is an especially important step if you're struggling with breakouts.

Treats Dry and Oily Skin

We made it to where this treatment can help all skin types! Infusing your back with vitamin and antioxidant rich products will help to heal any dry, itchy skin on your back. Hydrated skin boosts the overall health of our skin; hydrated skin is also less prone to aging. The use of our turmeric and beetroot clay mask will help remove any excess oil, while purifying and smoothing the skin. By the end of this bacial, your skin is going to be feeling soft, smooth, and rebalanced.

Helps Overall Health and Appearance of Skin

Back facials result in skin that is smoother, healthier, and clearer. This treatment may help to boost your self esteem this summer when you're wearing backless or low back tops & swimsuits.

Schedule Your Bacial with us Today!

What better way to pamper yourself than a relaxing and rejuvenating back facial with a qualified esthetician?? There is none. Taking care of the skin on your back may help you to be more confident this summer, so book with us online or give us a call at 540-849-4333 to schedule this or other skincare services!! We look forward to servicing you.

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