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Spring and Summer Is Coming Quick, So Can Your Results!

If you're anything like me, your goal for Summer '22 is healthy, glowy looking skin. No, not the greasy, oily, sticky feeling skin. The “I drank 6 gallons of water and just got back from Cabo,” glow from within. Believe me, I know it seems close to impossible wanting really glowy skin without having to use thick and occlusive products that can weigh your skin down. Well, I've got good news for us both, you don't have to rely on the thick coconut or tanning oil to get your glow on! With warmer weather approaching us soon, there are so many things at risk. Pigmentation, dull skin, texture, excess oil etc... Let's talk about Clay Masks and how they can get you that glow from within in 3 different ways!

First, what is a clay mask? A clay mask is a powder formula of clays that can range from many different kinds like kaolin clay, bentonite clay, pink clay and many others! The purpose of these clays is to absorb excess oil, prevent breakouts, draw out impurities, and brighten the skins complexion! So many people find powder masks pretty tedious, let me help you get the most out of your mask!

Now to the fun stuff: How to utilize your clay masks at home to achieve that lit from within glow!

  1. Mix it with your cleanser!

  • Cleanser? Yes! Mixing your clay mask with a cleanser has so many benefits!

  • Take about a dime size amount of your cleanser mixed with about a quarter size amount of your mask. Let this sit on your skin for 5-10 min and start using circular motions to work the product in your skin! This will not only get you the benefits of both products at once, but you are getting a deeper clean and slight exfoliation from the "grit" texture of the clay!

2. Mix it with a gel mask!

  • Don't like the dry down of a clay mask but love the benefits from it? Perfect, mix it into a gel mask and feel the creamy, soft texture on your skin!

  • Take about a quarter size amount of your gel mask mixed with about a quarter size amount of your clay mask. Let this sit on your skin for 10 min and remove with lukewarm water! It's as easy as that! This will give you the soothing feel from the gel while still getting those impurities out of your skin!

3. Mix it with good ol' H2O

  • Struggling with an excess amount of oil? Struggling with those annoying breakouts? Worry no more!

  • Take about a quarter size amount of your clay mask and add in water little by little to create a smooth paste like consistency. Apply to entire face and let it work its magic for about 10 minuets! This will gently exfoliate the skin giving it a smoother, brighter appearance. It will also absorb all of that excess oil which can prevent breakouts!

  • Don't want to put it over your whole face? No worries, take a small amount of that same mixture above and use it to spot treat those breakouts and sleep with it overnight!

Clay masks are essential for the spring and summer months, let me show you my favorite!

Turmeric + Beetroot Glow Restoration Clay Mask!

This clay mask is FULL of antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3 which help even the skins tone and texture! Turmeric is excellent for calming inflammation and Beetroot is perfect for getting you that glow while brightening complexion! Another bonus is you can use this in all the ways we discussed above! Order yours today at

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