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Relax and Renew

In this day in age it’s so hard for people to slow down and find time for them selfs. Here are 10 ways you can add some self care in your life!

1. Drink a cup of Herbal Tea! We have all sorts of Leaf Logic Teas that can help with lifting your spirits and will brighten your day.

2. Take a Fizzy Bath! Do something fun and relaxing our Rosey Posey Fizzy Salt Soak is for you it has Dead Sea salt and grape seed oil in it which is both great for your skin!

3. Buy something New! Our spring inventory is out we have some of the cutest maxi dresses, graphic Ts and more!

4. Find Encouraging words to put up in your house! We sell the cutest little signs of encouragement from New Creations, a company that supports women survivors of sex trafficking.

5. Wear your favorite Sent! Mixologie has created tons of fragrances you will love and not only do we have rollerball perfume bottles we also have matching lotions!

6. The gift of giving. There is just something about picking out a special gift for someone that will make you so happy. Our Lillian & Co. jewelry always comes to mind these are super cute bangle bracelets that have awesome sayings on them like “You’re Braver Than You Believe“

7. Grow Something Fresh! There is nothing like growing something that you can use in the kitchen add some herbs in your life with our Organic Grow Kits! The Rosemarry and Basel goes perfectly with fresh chicken and use Mint to freshen up those Mojito!

8. Make a Homemade Mask! With our Estheticians downtown we will be able to provide a perfect Make and Take mask for your skin type and conditions.

9. Defuse an Essential Oil! Ranging from just Lavender to special blends we will be able to guide you to picking out the perfect pet safe oil for your home! Orange and Lemon is my favorite oils to defuse!

10. Last but not least Book Yourself a Facial!!! Why not our Signature Facial would be perfect for anyone just wanting to reaLax! Between our custom blending mask and advanced facial massage techniques trust me you won’t regret making this appointment! Go to and let us help you get started with your self care!

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