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Pumpkin Facial!

Why is it that around this time of year everyone starts craving everything Pumpkin?! Like Pumpkin Lattes, candles, and even pumpkin ice-cream! But what if this universal veggie could benefit your skin! This October and November we are offering our special Pumpkin Facial to the menu! Here are some ways this Pumpkin Facial can help your skin and help you prepare for those winter months.

Pumpkin itself contains many vitamins like A, C and E. Its also full of antioxidants that can help with wrinkles and sun damage which is perfect since it was just summer. My favorite thing as an Esthetician about using pumpkin, is that it has fruit enzymes that will gently exfoliate the skin.

Benefits For the Skin!

1. Acne - Pumpkin is full of Zinc that help sooth and prevent acne.

2. Dry Skin - All the vitamins and minerals will help nourish really dry skin with out causing irritation.

3. Anti-ageing - Packed full of antioxadants that help fight free radicals that prevent sundamage and wrinkles.

4. Oily Skin - High in essential fatty acids like Vit. E that will help regulate oil production.

5. Brightening - The molecular structure is small and can penetrate deeper into the skin that help with pigmentation.

6. Exfoliating - Contains fruit enzymes and AHA's that will increase cell turnover.

This Pumpkin Facial is for all skin types that's why we love it so much!

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