Online Facial Party ...What you missed!

Thank you for everyone who joined us in taking a minute for ourselves at home. Our partner AKTIV skincare is dedicated to making sure that you have answers to your questions even when you are at home.


Things that we learned together:


1. Always start with a cleanser. If the skin isn't free and clear of dirt and excess oil then your facial will not be as effective. (What I'm Using: Chamomile Cleanser AKTIV Clinical for sensitive skin)


2. Next we want to loosen dead skin & remove it! This is called exfoliation. (What I'm Using: Hydrobright Syringe for deep skin penetration)


3. Now that we have loosened dead skin and it is lifted off the surface we want to stimulate the skin again. Mask talk to specific conditions as well as skin type. Clay mask like our Blemish Control Treatment are best when working on acne. (What I am using: Awakening Oxygen Mask- Clinical Gold)


4. We need to restore the pH of the skin to allow our moisturizers/serums to have better penetration. When our pH is off it can cause skin conditions like ACNE, SKIN DRYNESS, INFLAMMATION (What I'm Using: Antioxidant pH Restoration- Clinical)


5. Time for your treatment serum. Serums are built to work on specific skin conditions. THE BEST SERUMS IF YOU DON"T KNOW WHAT TO BUY are a Vitamin C Serum or Vitamin E Serum. Our skin's surface has a 30% reduction in Vitamin C just by stepping outside. This causes accelerated aging and free radical damage. (What I am using: VitaGlow Serum followed by Rapid Rescue Gel)


6. Moisturizers are for your skin type (meaning Dry,Normal, Oily). Something to note: Dry skin needs a thicker more occlusive cream moisturizer and oily skin needs a non-comedogenic (non pore-clogging) moisturizer. ( What I am using: Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer ---> Made for all skin types)


7. If you are heading outside for even 10 minutes this is the most important step of your at-home facial. Make sure your SPF protects against both UVA/UVB damage. (What I am using: VitaSheild Day Cream)

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Special Note:

"Thank you so much for being part of this time where we get to just have fun and be ourselves. With all the stress I want to make sure that you feel that you can be your own beautiful and have your questions answered. Reach out anytime to or send us a chat through "


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