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Jade Rollers? What’s That?

When being an Esthetician it’s hard not to be a skeptic about the new trending tool for skin. So when Jade Rollers came out I instantly wanted to know what the heck this thing was and what the benefits were. Just a little history, the Jade stone comes from the Chinese culture that is known as the “Stone of Heaven”. With its lovely light green tone it is still one of the most sought out stones. The Mayans and the Egyptians also used this stone for muscle relief in ancient times. Don‘t you just love how we are still using tools from ancient times!?

This little baby is so versatile and can be used for all skin types! One thing I love about this tool is that it can actually replace the urge to pick or scratch at your skin and when being in the esthetic business we see a lot of this. I just love being able to say “why don’t you try using the Jade Roller to satisfy the urge“ instead of telling them to “just try not to“ because we know it’s hard, it can be a psychological habit.

Do you have inflamed skin or roseasa? Then this is definitely for you! Reading about the Jade Roller you can actually put it in the fridge and let it get cold and then use it on your skin. This is great for calming the skin down and helping with the redness! Also, if you struggle with puffiness in the eyes just roll that baby right under the eyes and walla no more puffiness. This Jade Roller can also be anti aging! I know what you're thinking how can a stone help my wrinkles and these bags... well it can but only temporarily. The Roller can help with circulation of the blood that will in return plump up the face and help with those fine lines! It can also release tension in the face and help muscles to relax. When using this tool you will want to use it with a serum preferably for the condition you are trying to control like for example, acne, couperose skin, wrinkles, dry skin, etc. The Jade Roller will help penetrate the serum into the skin and enhance the serums active ingredients. Top it off with a moisturizer to trap that serum into the skin.

Get yours now at the Ali&Co downtown boutique or give it a try in your facial by booking the yoga facial!

With the picture below it will show you how to use. You want to start of with clean skin and with your serum applied. Grab that Jade Roller and start at the jawline and work your way up the face. Rolling should be done in an up and out motion.

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