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Its officially Back Facial Season!

Ali&Co Back Facial includes a double cleanse, steam, extractions, and a relaxing massage with AKTIV moisturizer. Swipe to read more about the benefits of this service as well as the products!

The key product in this season's Back Facial is AKTIV Tumeric + Beetroot Clay Mask. Enjoy the skin-loving benefits of Tumeric and boost with an array of vitamins and antioxidants.

More benefits of the Tumeric + Beetroot clay mask:

  • Boosts collagen production

  • High in Vitamin C

  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory

  • Hydration booster

This product is used in YOUR service and is meant for you to take home. The pre-mixed product has a shelf life of 7 days after your appointment. The mask can be applied to the chest, and neck, and can be applied to the face as an exfoliant.

Enjoy the relaxing massage with AKTIV moisturizer by your Skin Coach in Training!

Book Today under the Service tab!

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