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Is Inflammation a Big Deal?

This month we are focusing on Inflammation! Now, just because you may not always see characteristics of inflammation like the bright redness you may think of, that doesn't mean you don't have inflammation! Inflammation causes 90% of the very skin concerns you may have!

Here is a few:

  • Aging

  • acne

  • pigmentation

  • redness of the skin

Do you see the difference between both sides of this face? Inflammation is occurring in the skin, and it could be so invisible to the naked eye! But don't worry, we are here to make sure your inflammation doesn't create the very concerns you may come to us for!

Don't wait for your inflammation to get worse! Come see us for preventative care! Our monthly facial is our Apple Cinnamon Facial! Perfect for fall!

Benefits from our Apple Cinnamin Facial:

  • Improves Your Complexion.

  • Reduces inflammation from the outside in.

  • Hydrates The Skin.

  • Offers Protection from UV Rays.

  • Treats Acne, Blemishes, And Dark Spots.

  • Works As a Natural Toner.

  • Reduces Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles.

  • Keeps Your Skin Supple.

We can't wait to see your lovely faces soon!

With Love,

Ali&Co Staff

Local Highlight: Visit the Blackburn Inn for a relaxing massage or nail care and receive 20% off with their LOCAL20 limited time deal!

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