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I just want to wear a Tank Top!

Since I was 13 years old, I have been battling with the horrific "Bacne" (Back Acne). Even at 25, I still have this condition and struggle with it daily. I always dreamed of being able to wear tank tops and swim suits with confidence. Growing up no one talked about acne, unless it was on your face. I felt too ashamed to even talk about it because I thought I was the only girl who had acne on my back! Through the years, I feel like I’ve tried every drug store acne product and Pinterest remedy out there! I've switched my shampoo's and body washes too many times to count and I even thought laying in the tanning bed would clear it up. (Don't judge!) I was desperate for any result! It wasn't until after I went through my Esthetic's program that I learned it was a genetic disorder and that maybe my dad telling me to "just let the sun dry it up" probably wasn't the most solid advice he's ever given!

Now many years away from feeling like that hopeless teenager, I'm here to help all the people like myself who just want to feel confident in those spaghetti straps!

While 92% of people have acne on their face, 60% of people have acne on their back and chest. Part of developing bacne can be from hormonal fluctuations and genetics and this is completely out of your control. Having this may indicate that your acne is more on the severe side. Like your face, your back also has tons of sebaceous glands that produce sebum. Although products for your face can be formulated free of pore clogging ingredients, the same can’t be said for most body products. Below I've shared 5 tips that you can use daily to help treat your bacne!

1.Bye Bath and Body Works!

Ditch the fragrance body wash and lotions. Fragrance is absolutly horrible for your skin and could be the reason your skin is breaking out in the first place.

2. In The Shower!

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate! You need to get rid of all that dead skin buildup. Using our Micropeel would be best and the easiest for this since it is a chemical exfoliant and not a manual exfoliant. Some other tips for the shower is to throw your old loofah out. Loofahs & sponges harbor bacteria. Lastly, wash your hair before your body to rid your skin of any residue left behind. Also using AKTIV's White Willow Bark & Cucumber toner is a great way to balance your back's pH and to kill that P.acne bacteria!

3. Stay Clean!

Change out of sweaty clothes after being outside or at the gym. If you let sweat and dirt sit on the skin it becomes a breeding ground for breakouts. Clothes with synthetic fibers can also be a culprit. For example, sports bras can trap oil and dead cells which will cause you to breakout. Pack an extra shirt and bra on hot days or days with a lot of extra activity!

4. Pale is the new Tan!

As I said before using the sun to "dry up acne" doesn't work! The sun may feel like its "drying up" all your acne but it doesn't cure acne. UV rays actually increase cell production causing more breakouts. The more cells you make the more dead skin builds up and which in turn causes clogged pores. It would just be best if you avoid the sun and tanning beds not only to reduce acne & sun damage but did you know that Staphylococcus bacteria (can cause herpes and warts) are all able to survive in tanning beds. Just use a self tanner, girl!

5.Come See Us!!

Booking a Back Facial with us is your best option. We love using our natural and fragrance- free AKTIV skin care line to treat acne conditions. We will also be able to get those harder to reach places that you may not be able. We'll use our Turmeric scrub remove all the dead cells on your back. If needed, we can also offer painless extractions to help release that bacteria! Not only is it our mission to take care of your breakouts, we also want this service to be relaxing. Believe me, there is nothing better than a back massage. There's nothing more our staff wants than for you to feel beautiful and confidant in your own skin! I've had my fair share of skin troubles, even as an Esthetician! So never feel like you're out there all alone we are always here to listen and help!

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