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Take Your Brows to The Next Level!

with Master Esthetician & Brow Specialist : Taylor

1. Scared to try out a brow service?

That's ok! If this is the case, then I recommend tweezing only in natural lighting. Tweeze the hairs surrounding shape of your natural brow. Always take a step back, look in mirror and gain perspective. Another way to prevent over tweezing is to fill in your brow with a powder or pencil and tweeze the outside hairs.

2. Tip: Leave Them Alone

Allow at least 4-12 months for regrowth when growing them out. After going for that 90’s to early 2000’s skinny brow for the last decade or more your brows are in need of some TLC! Using castor oil or a brow growth serum like BROWFOOD, or Grande BROW to help stimulate those follicles. Keep filling them in in the meantime to resist the urge of grabbing the tweezers! *These can all be purchased @ali&co

Now that you have left your brows alone you can........ DOUBLE UP!

3. Here’s how to do it:

Just like in art class. Don’t be afraid to mix media! Use multiple brow mediums. Applying a powder + brow gel or a pencil + a powder can add a lot volume and dimension to the brow. Powder will give your brows a natural and fluffy look. Pencils and pomades will allow for more sleek and perfected look. Brow gels can be used alone or with another product.

4. Remember: Your hair isn’t the only thing that you should be making a color appointment for! Brow tints are game changers! They can last up to 7- 8 weeks and can really cut your time down in the morning! They’re super customizable whether you’re going for something subtle and natural or bold and sculpted! They’re also convenient for those beach trips and pools days in the super time. (P.S. while you’re in add on a lash lift & tint)


5. Then let's make them perfect for good!

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your pencils, powders pomades and willing to commit, schedule an appointment to have your brows microbladed! After your first 2 appointments they’ll last up to a year.

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