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Gel or Cream Cleanser?

In our AKTIV skin care line we have two cleansers. A cream cleanser and a gel cleanser, but why do we have two different types? Why couldn't we just get away with having one generic cleanser for all skin types. Well that's not always the case, even though you might think you could get away with just using any kind of cleanser out shouldn't. We have all heard crazy advice on what to use to cleanse your some that I've tried (pre-Esthetician) Bar Soap, African Black Soap and Coconut Oil. All these ended up extremely stripping and drying my skin out or causing me to breakout. So with all the information and advice out there that we receive what should we use. Its simple a gel or a cream cleanser.

This is a Before and After picture of my forehead 3 days after using AKTIV's Wild Oats and Honey Gel Cleanser!

How do you know which one to use? Down below I have listed what conditions and benefits our cleansers can help with for you to better understand which one you can use.

Wild Oats and Honey Gel Cleanser

Conditions and Benefits that this cleanser can help with:

1. Oily Skin Type

2. Inflammation

3. Acne / Clogged Pores

4. Large Pores

5. Removes Excess Oil without Stripping

6. Sensitive Reactive Skin

7. pH Balancing

Green Tea Cleansing Cream

Conditions and Benefits that this cleanser can help with:

1. Aging Skin

2. Normal / Dry Skin Type

3. Inflammation

4. Calming Sensitive Reactive Skin

5. Dehydration

6. Rosacea

7. pH Balancing

This week we are making both AKTIV Cleansers 10% off and 20% off to members!

Sept. 4th - 11th

For more information come see us Downtown Staunton at our Boutique!

Open Wednesday - Saturday 11a.m - 5 p.m

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