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Did You Know This Causes Accelerated Aging?

We have quite a few promos going on this month, including a FREE microcurrent add on to any facial! So, what is microcurrent? Microcurrent delivers tiny currents of electricity to the face. This process stimulates the skin and muscles, and has the following benefits:

  • reduce and eliminate fine lines

  • improves circulation

  • temporarily lifts the face

  • re-trains the facial muscles for improved facial contour

  • reduces puffiness

Click below to book! If you're interested in adding micro current, add that in the comments when booking :)

Now let's get into how inflammation can cause accelerated aging.

Inflammation sends your skin into trauma. Think if it this way, your skin gets inflamed. What comes along with inflammation? Sensitivity, then you get into the trauma stage where your skin is constantly freaking out thinking, "we've got to send these cells into overdrive, were under attack"

While your skin is in trauma "Inflammation Casade" occurs. This is when your skin is essentially sent into overdrive with trying to heal itself, this leads to loss of collagen and elastin which makes your skin firm, supple, and soft. Crazy how "a little redness" could potentally make you visibly age quicker!

Not to worry, here at Ali&Co, we focus on not only YOUR skin concerns, but we do it in order of importance. For example, there is no way possible to treat any skin concern like acne, aging, or pigmentation until you address and correct the hydration and inflammation! Truth over trend is a must for getting your skin not only looking right, but healthy from the inside out!

We want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for your support, loyalty, and love. You are such a big part of our company and we appriciate all of you beyond measures. We are so appreciative of every bit of support you give us and we are forever greatful!


Ali&Co Staff

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