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Are You Missing Something?

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Did you know you could be missing something in your skin care that could change everything? Something as simple as our White Willow & Cucumber pH restoration Toner. Having the right pH balance is very important, especially for oily or acne prone skin.

So what exactly is the importance of using a toner? Toners are specifically created to restore pH balance to the skin. The skin's pH level is happiest at 5.5 but can be easily thrown off by stripping cleansers or exfoliants. By balancing your pH, you prevent your skin from becoming too dry or oily after cleansing. Additionally, it cleanses and tightens your pores making it harder for oil and dirt to penetrate the skin which means *drumroll please* less breakouts!! It can also remove environmental toxins such as smoke and other chemical residues from your skin so it's an essential for traveling to new locations or larger cities!

The White Willow & Cucumber pH Restoration is specifically formulated for large pores, oily or acne prone skin. The Willow Bark Extract contains salicylic acid (BHA) that is a natural exfoliant. It is used to help acne because it sheds dead skin cells and clears pores while also stimulating new cell growth. In addition to the salicylic acid, its also high in tannin, phenolic acid and flavonoid all helping to sooth the skin and encourage cell regeneration.

We all know when it comes to acne inflammation is just another battle to fight. That's why we've hand picked each of our active ingredients to specifically treat these conditions. While the Willow Bark is fighting that stubborn acne. The Cucumber Fruit Water, not only has a refreshing scent, is also calming and soothing the underlying inflammation. Cucumber is very common in skin care products because its just that universal and amazing. It benefits the skin by moisturizing, refreshing, cooling and soothing. This amazing fruit also can regulate oil and helps minimize pores. It is packed full of vitamins including Vitamin C, A, E and K. These ingredients aid in moisturizing, brightening, cell rejuvenating and healing sunburns.

If you are struggling with an unbalanced pH then the Willow Bark & Cucumber pH Restoration is a perfect match! This is personally one of favorite products I use at home. I spritz it on first thing in the morning and it feels (& smells) so refreshing just like a glass of ice cucumber water. This week our Willow Bark & Cucumber Toner will be 10% off for non members and 20% off for members. For any questions stop by our Downtown Boutique on East Beverly St Open Wednesday - Saturday 11-5.

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