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Airless Pumps

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Why are airless pumps so important? Why is it worth making sure your skin care products come in one of these Airless Pumps? These are questions that you need to be asking yourself. Need some help? Well AKTIV SKINCARE is here to tell you that it is worth your money, and time.

What is an Airless Pump? This is a non-pressurized vacuum dispensing bottle, when the material is stored inside it is preserved and maintains the wholeness until it’s used up. This bottle nt only acts like a preservative it also has not left over product that you can’t get out so you won’t have to worry about opening or scraping out the excess product.

Top 3 Advantages to using this Airless Pump:

1. Creates less waste- each pump is sized to make sure you have enough for face, neck, and chest! Want to skip an are just do a half pump.

2. Good for Air-sensitive ingredients ( retinol, peptides, vitamin C )- when these ingredients are exposed to the air they lose their effectiveness which ends up meaning your product may not work as well!

3.Products for sensitive skin, less likely to become contaminated - Bacteria can quickly enter into products that are opened and closed frequently. This can cause unwanted bacteria to be introduced to the skin.

This is why we love AKTIV Skin Care line we want you to get every drop of our nourishing products.

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