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12 Days of Deals You do NOT Want to Miss!!

Starting December 1st, we started the 12 days of deals! It's not too late to take advantage of the deals through December 12th, so below are the deals you can still snag before it's too late! Be sure to star this email so you can come back to book or shop on the correct days :)

December 8th only: Buy B5 cleanser, get one FREE!!! (use code b5cleanserfree)

December 9th only: $10 off Lash Lift!!! (use code 10lash)

December 10th only: Buy Apple Extract get one FREE!!! (use code 1freeapple)

December 11th only: 15% OFF Underarm Wax!!! (use code 15underarmwax)

December 12th only: 30% OFF ALL Products!!! (b5cleanserfree)

Online Codes Only


It's Thankful Thursday so we hope these deals show you just how appreciative we are of you all. We hope you're having a wonderful holiday season thus far! We love you!!

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