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Permanent cosmetic tattooing school curriculum requirements are as follows:

1. Virginia tattooing laws and regulations.

2. Machines and devices.

   a. Coil machine;

   b. Hand device; and

   c. Others devices.

3. Needles.

   a. Types;

   b. Uses; and

   c. Application.

4. Anatomy.

   a. Layers of skin;

   b. Parts and functions of skin; and

   c. Diseases.

5. Color theory.

   a. Skin and pigment color; and

   b. Handling and storage of pigments.

6. Transmission cycle of infectious diseases.

7. Immunization.

   a. Types of immunizations; and

   b. General preventative measures to be taken to protect the tattooer and client.

8. Sanitation and disinfection.

   a. Definition of terms:

   (1) Sterilization;

   (2) Disinfection and disinfectant;

   (3) Sterilizer or sterilant;

   (4) Antiseptic;

   (5) Germicide;

   (6) Decontamination; and

   (7) Sanitation.

   b. The use of steam sterilization equipment and techniques;

   c. The use of chemical agents, antiseptics, and disinfectants;

   d. The use of sanitation equipment;

   e. Preservice sanitation procedure; and

   f . Postservice sanitation procedure.

9. Safety.

   a. Proper needle handling and disposal;

   b. Blood spill procedures;

   c. Equipment and instrument storage; and

   d. First aid.

10. Blood-borne pathogen standards.

   a. OSHA and CDC blood-borne pathogen standards;

   b. Overview of compliance requirements; and

   c. Disorders and when not to service a client.

11. Anesthetics.

   a. Use;

   b. Types;

   c. Application; and

   d. Removal.

12. Equipment.

   a. Gloves;

   b. Masks;

   c. Apron;

   d. Chair;

   e. Lighting; and

   f. Work table.

13. Professional standards.

   a. History of permanent cosmetic tattooing;

   b. Ethics;

   c. Recordkeeping:

   (1) Client health history; and

   (2) Consent forms.

   d. Preparing station, making appointments, salon ethics:

   (1) Maintaining professional appearance, notifying clients of schedule changes; and

   (2) Promoting services of the salon and establishing clientele.

   e. Salon management:

   (1) Licensing requirements; and

   (2) Taxes.

14. Permanent cosmetic tattooing.

   a. Client consultation;

   b. Client health form;

   c. Client disclosure form;

   d. Client preparation;

   e. Sanitation and safety precautions;

   f. Implement selection and use;

   g. Proper use of equipment;

   h. Material selection and use.

   i. Eyebrows;

   j. Eyeliner;

   k. Lip coloring; and

   l. Lip liners.

*Ali&Co BRSE does not pay for your state testing or licensure

Cosmetic Tattoo Program: completed in 4 weeks.

  • MUST BE A Licensed Professional in the esthetics, tattoo, barber, and/or cosmetology industry cost $3,995

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